Over the centuries massage has been used to instinctively heal and comfort, a mother strokes her baby to calm them, we rub an ache to soothe it, and a cat licks itself after a fight to restore calm.

There are many different types of massage, some deep muscular, some using oils that heal and relax, others using gentle manipulation to restore posture and strength to the body. Everybody has their preferred method.

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage understands that mind body spirit and emotions each has an effect on the other, these parts of the person and the symptoms associated with 'disease' of the body cannot be divided up into separate treatable parts but must be understood and treated as a whole. It is a flexible massage based on the individuals needs. The pressures of 21st century living can lead to imbalance of a physical, emotional or spiritual which leads to stress, tension, low energy and ultimately ill health. By working with the individual, I can create not only a massage but a home care regime that will help their personal needs. My aim is to re-balance and promote a relaxed happy self with enriched spirit, energy and health.

The actual massage is based on the Swedish technique, which you may have experienced before, this includes gentle kneeding, stroking muscle manipulation and stretching. I also include different techniques I have learnt over the years including Asian pressure point techniques and energy work. I will personalise the massage to suit your particular need, a fusion of soothing, relaxing invigorating or detoxifying as is needed to heal, comfort and relax at the time.

This personalised treatment can be taken over 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours. It can be full body, or limited to areas you are comfortable with, perhaps you want to concentrate on one particular area such as the back, feet, face or hands, the treatment will be discussed before hand and worked out to have the optimum effect.

Facelift Massage

The Indian face massage, not to be confused with an Indian head massage is a deeply relaxing hour long face treatment. It is centuries old and is used in Ayurverdic medicine and has been adapted into a treatment to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

In this modern and stressed filled world your mind is often busier than the rest of our body, often this is reflected in our face. Hectic thoughts and worry cause the muscles of the face neck shoulders and head to tighten and constrict leading to chronic aches and pains. Using massage to release these muscles, and repetitive finger movements on each wrinkle and special energy points found on the face to free up vital energy flow leads to an ease of the discomfort, and a more relaxed face, smoothing away lines and bringing elasticity and sheen back to the skin. The massage is also great for draining away excess fluid, helps to clear sinus congestion, and generally improves the circulation in the area, and the better the circulation, the better the appearance of the skin!

The massage can be done dry, or with some light facial oil, dependent on your skin type and what you would prefer.

You will be surprised at the depth of relaxation you will get from this massage, a great treat for a bride to be on the big day, or anyone wanting to look and feel younger as the stresses and strains of the day simply float away.